Our Belgian Waffles Menu

Our Belgian Waffles Menu

A Liège waffle, also called sugar waffle or Gaufre de Liège, is a Belgian dish, which originates in the Belgian city of Liège (French: Liège).

The Liège waffle is generally heavier than a Brussels waffle, and sugar crystals are processed. Because the waffles themselves are sweeter, it is not a tradition to sprinkle them with powdered sugar. Another difference with the Brussels waffle is the shape: a Brussels waffle is rectangular, while a waffle in Liège is usually diamond-shaped or oval.

Please take a look at our Liège Waffle menu:

1.1 Liege Classic

The hidden treasure of Belgium with caramelized sugar crust, soft and chewy , with pearls of sugar

1.2 Banana Split Bomb

Fresh Bananas, homemade whipped cream, hot Belgian chocolate and walnuts

1.3 Strawberry Love

Fresh Strawberries, homemade whipped cream, ice cream and hot Belgian Chocolate sauce

1.4 Guilty Pleasure 

Nutella, homemade whipped cream, hot Belgian chocolate and ice cream

1.5 Belgium 100% Deluxe

Liege waffle topped with hot Belgian chocolate, strawberries, blueberries, bananas and mint leaves

1.6 Dutch Speculoos Sensation 8.0  

made-in-Belgium/Holland Speculoos paste, bananas and freshly made whipped cream

1.7 Pomme Caramel

Apples, caramel sauce, cinnamon sugar

1.8 Milky Way 

Strawberries, yoghurt, honey and hot Belgian chocolate

1.9 Double Tripping 

Nutella strawberries banana homemade whipped cream hot Belgian chocolate sauce

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